Executive Development Webinars

Dedicated to provide global learning perspectives and access to top leadership insights, SMU Executive Development Webinars goes beyond the distance to give you a more purposeful learning experience on the trending discussions. Leading authors, faculty, industry experts share their deep knowledge of the best management or (personal or professional) development practices, these complimentary webinars are conducted live to encourage the participation and diverse opinions from the audience.

Leadership Presence What It Is, and What It Isn’t!
By Achim Nowak
Have you ever wondered why some business owners seem to have the “it” factor that instantly draws clients to them? What are some of the hidden personal qualities that accelerate business success?

Increasing Managerial Capabilities for Major Manufacturing & Infrastructure Projects

According to McKinsey’s study, there is a demand globally for over $57 trillion to be spent in infrastructure between now and 2030. Asia’s infrastructure needs are vast, valued at about US$8 trillion from 2013 to 2020, as estimated by the Asian Development Bank. This presents an opportunity for Singapore to capture the growth fuelled by Asia’s infrastructure gap through the services offered by the spectrum of Engineering Services firms, project financing banks, infrastructure developers and legal advisories in Singapore. 


 Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership
By Steve Gutzler
In today's fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader of personal influence, impact, and inspiration? Emotional Intelligence (EI), our ability to manage our emotions and navigate successfully our personal and professional relationships, is the game changer. This webinar will offer you practical tools for professional excellence and high performance in leadership and life.
Talking points include:
  • How emotions drive our behaviours and performance
  • Skills to deal with the emotions of others
  • Real life examples to improve your Emotional Intelligence

Investing Your Time like Money. Achieve More with Less
By Elizabeth Saunders
Are you getting the most out of your time? Is it possible to work less and still be more productive?
Time is a valuable resource. Investing time wisely can lower stress levels and increase efficiency for both you and your organisation. In this webinar, Elizabeth Grace Saunders will help you hone techniques to ensure you are investing time wisely.


Leveraging on Social Media for Leadership Success
By Tanvi Gautam
While we live in the age of social media most leaders do not see the power & potential of social media for their role. In this session we examine why learning to be a social leader is a core competency for success in the age of networks.  Be it learning, brand building or crisis management, social media has a role to play. As the host of Asia's first trending twitter chat for leaders, our guest has some interesting anecdotes & insights to share.
Learning Outcomes
  • Role of social media in the success of a leader in a VUCA world
  • Key to success on social media irrespective of platform
  • Common mistakes that ruin your brand on social media

This is Not the Career I Ordered
By Caroline Dowd-Higgins
Designing a New Career Future - A Guided Tour for Reinvention
Savvy professionals design their career destiny so it doesn’t happen by default. Career reinvention is possible at any age and satisfaction relies heavily on playing to your strengths and honouring your professional values. This session will empower you to take a closer look at your values, interests, personality, and skills and how they play a factor in your career gratification. Give yourself permission to map a new strategy for success by focusing on self-assessment so you can be in control of your career reinvention.


Stand Out
By Dorie Clark
Too many people believe that if they produce good work, they'll be noticed and rewarded. But that's no longer enough. You have to find a way to break through the noise and have your true talents and ideas recognized. In this webinar, Dorie Clark, shows you concrete strategies for getting others to notice and embrace your ideas. She'll share strategies based on research from her new book Stand Out: How to Find your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It; Including how to:
  • Communicate in a way that makes others take notice
  • Create a community that helps your idea spread
  • Leverage social networks – online and off – to gain momentum
  • Ensure your ideas receive the attention they deserve and make an impact

Conversational Intelligence for Difficult Conversations
By Judith E. Glaser Founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications Inc.
The key to success in life and business is to master Conversational Intelligence. It’s not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new, effective and powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, leadership and mutual success.


How To Work a Room® to Build Connections, Alliances and Relationships
By Susan Roane
Your network is your net worth. With the networking season upon us, it is a good time to brush up on our techniques on how to be savvier in growing and maintaining our networks.

Wired for Authenticity
By Henna Inam
Leadership today is more challenging than ever. The rapid pace of change, constant restructuring, and a 24/7 work environment create overwhelmed employees, and eroding trust in workplaces. Transformational Leadership builds trusted, long-term partnerships with companies to help them meet their goals. We need leaders who can inspire others, adapt rapidly, and build trust. In this webinar, Henna Inam shares the seven practices to inspire, adapt and lead.


SMU Executive Development – A Practical Approaching to Unlocking Asian Business Culture
There is a stark difference between the Western management and the Eastern Management style. Dr Leslie Buckley, Affiliated Faculty of Strategic Management, Singapore Management University, shares his experience on why he had to transform his leadership style when working with a multicultural workforce in an Asian business environment. He also tells us how different culture view leadership differently and the tools/strategies he adopted along the way which assisted his leadership role in Asia.