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Executive Director's Message

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Executive Director's Message

Learning ecosystems equip responsible leaders with future skills for a digital world 


A very warm welcome from SMU Executive Development,
Complexity, customer-centricity and connectivity will continue to rule our professional lives. The cultural transformation in a digital age demands a change in our set of skills, behaviours and leadership capabilities.
Agility, resilience and system thinking will be key “Future Skills” to face an ever faster churn of business models and industry disruption. At the same time, strategic thinking, empathy and problem solving will remain critically important for responsible leaders.
How can we most effectively equip our leaders with these Future Skills?
At SMU Executive Development, we create technology-enabled learning ecosystems that reflect the demands of contemporary and future working environment. International collaborations and digital learning solutions along all steps of the learning journey create a learning environment that prepares for the future. Interdisciplinary, experiential and virtual learning formats augment classic classroom interaction. 

What are the skills YOU want to learn? What does your organisation need to grow in the future?

We invite you to discover the many ways in which SMU ExD can help you to master the cultural transformation in a digital age and prepare for future growth.
We look very much forward to hearing from you,

Dr Katharina Lange

Executive Director

SMU-Executive Development