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 Katharina Lange Ph.D. 

 Programme Director, Head Custom Programmes


 DID: 6808 5432




Katharina is Head Custom Programmes at SMU ExD. As Programme Director and Affiliated Faculty at SMU, she loves teaching a broad range of Leadership aspects, ranging from Authentic to Team Leadership. Prior to joining SMU in 2013, Katharina was Programme Director and Head of Practice Group Life Science Industries at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany.


 Winston Liew 

 Business Development Manager


 DID: 6808 5393



Winston is a Business Development Manager for Public Programmes. He works closely with HR and Learning & Development executives to ensure company staff can attend the most suitable programmes. 





 Jack Lim

 Client Director


 DID: 6828 0996



A proven leader of global and US international organisations, Jack is a highly experienced business developer across Asia-Pacific - in bridging cultural gaps among people through education and interpersonal relations. He works with clients in multiple industry sectors, synthesizing knowledge into practical application to further empower leaders today.


 Justin Chia 

 Business Development Manager


 DID: 6828 9095



Justin is a Business Development Manager for Public Programmes. Justin works closely with executives across all industries to direct them to the programmes providing the most impact to their individual careers. 





 Stijn Welkers

 Client Director & Head Public Programmes 


 HP: 9666 0945




Stijn first joined academia as a speaker, then as a team coach on clients’ action learning projects, and currently, as a Client Director. He works with clients from many industries and is most familiar with  those of IT, software, commercial trade, energy and banking. Stijn works with clients in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.





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