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Women and Leadership Programme

Course Info

To reap the advantage of diversity, organisations must ensure that women leaders are developed and present at all levels in the organisation. However, the intent must be backed up through action by women themselves as well as the organisation.
This is a unique programme designed around the needs of the women executives as well as those of the organisation. The core premise of the programme is that personal mastery is the first step in leading others. Hence the programme is aimed at helping the women executives gain competency both in personal leadership and leading others.
The programme is designed to equip women with frameworks, tools and strategies to increase their chances of success at higher echelons of the organisation.

Why should you attend?

Combining various pedagogical methods including classroom lectures, case studies, roleplays, podcasts, videos, self-reflections and peer learning, this programme aims to integrate leading-edge research and industry insights with participants’ personal experiences, to provide practical learning about leadership and how to navigate the way to the top.
The topics covered in this programme are:
Leading the self: Women often adopt a particular pattern of behaviour and mental models considered appropriate for their gender. These beliefs often create self-limiting behaviours which prevent women from realising their true potential. Through this module participants explore and change the beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of personal and professional success. We also explore the topics of effective work-life integration, as well as creating a strategic network for career success.
Leading others: In a fast-paced and uncertain business environment, all leaders must learn to powerfully communicate their vision, strategically push forward their agenda and garner resources to meet their goals. In this module we explore how to lead from a strengths-based perspective and pick up vital skills of negotiation, collaboration, and strategic communication as well as leading across cultures. We also explore the role of executive presence and thought leadership as critical elements of success for women leaders.

What will you gain?

By the end of the programme, your key takeaways will include the following.
  • In-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by women executives in career advancement in Asia
  • A change in self-limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns for realising your true potential.
  • Strategic leadership insights, tools and skills to take your career to the next level
  • An elite network of female professionals to work with in the future
  • The ability to navigate in an environment or culture where gender poses a challenge

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for women professionals and managers (minimum of 5 years of working experience) who are keen to accelerate and excel in their careers.