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Customising Programmes for Organisations

Customised corporate programmes are individually designed to address organisation-wide competencies and relevant business issues. Designed for the purpose-driven organisation and its executive cohort, the expertise and insights of more than 300 faculty members from our six schools, supported by external experts, bring the best of deep global management thinking into the Asian context. 

Designing a custom programme is alike embarking on a bespoke journey

Before takeoff, we will work with your team to precisely design the trip ahead. Together, we define the desired outcomes, company and industry contexts, resource and time constraints. In this process, our faculty and industry experts share insights from similar contexts and organisations to sharpen focus and perspective.

When it comes to delivery, SMU-ExD draws on a wide range of faculty, executives, consultants, and coaches from our local and global network. Technology enables us to support each step of the journey meaningfully. We seek to strike the balance between soft-skills and hard-process steps, with reflecting the unique characteristics of the organisation to achieve maximum transformational impact.