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Custom Programmes

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Custom Programmes

SMU-ExD’s company-specific custom programmes are individually designed to address organisation-wide competencies and relevant business issues. This ensures the knowledge and skills imparted to executives will fit the context and requirements of the organisation’s learning objectives. Our ability to listen and respond to our clients’ needs is amplified by our blend of practice-experienced faculty together with our research and teaching capabilities. This combination enables us to adopt a consultative approach to achieving the performance results desired.
Specific challenges require specific solutions
Designed for the purpose-driven company and its executive cohort, the expertise and insights of more than 300 faculty members from our six schools, supported by external experts, bring the best of deep global management thinking into the Asian context. Our Client Directors engage with companies to determine learning needs based on the organisations' strategic directions. After the learning needs are defined,  the Client Director will select the most suitable academic faculty to design a bespoke Custom Programme for the organisation.
A custom client’s view: BNP Paribas
Angelo Pinto, Regional Head of Learning and Development and Head of the bank’s Asia-Pacific campus, said SMU was chosen because it was “able to create the right bridge between classroom insights and workplace application".




Stijn Welkers
Client Director
HP: 9666 0945
Stijn first joined academia as a speaker, then as a team coach on clients’ action learning projects, and currently, as a Client Director. He works with clients from many industries and is most familiar with those of IT, software, commercial trade, energy and banking. Stijn works with clients in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.


Jack Lim
Client Director
DID: 6828 0996
A proven leader of global and US international organisations, Jack is a highly experienced business developer across Asia-Pacific - in bridging cultural gaps among people through education and interpersonal relations. He works with clients in multiple industry sectors, synthesizing knowledge into practical application to further empower leaders today.


Flocy Joseph Ph.D.
Programme Director
DID: 6808 7921
Flocy is the Programme Director with SMU Executive Development and is responsible for designing learning interventions for both public programmes and bespoke programmes conducted by Executive Development. Her professional career of 2 decades spans across corporate, consulting and academia. Flocy holds an excellent record of having worked with multinational companies across the globe, and public sector organisations in India and Singapore. She serves as a coach, a facilitator and a theme weaver.


Cary Chan
Head, Public Programmes and Client Director
DID: 6808 7908
HP: 9821 8282
Cary is the Head of Public Programmes and Client Director in SMU Executive Development. He has a wealth of experience in the sales, marketing and developing leadership and competency-based programmes (both open enrolment and custom) for executive career advancement in Singapore, South East Asia and targeted countries globally, for example, Africa. Prior to SMU, Cary has worked for top institutions such as INSEAD, the Helsinki School of Economics and Nanyang Business School.