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International Corporate Coaching (ICC)

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Corporate coaching is more than just listening, sharing and motivating others. It is a skill-based approach to help those being coached (‘coachees’) gain a deeper awareness of what matters, where they want to progress professionally, and how to get there in the best and fastest possible way.
Increasingly, in addition to dedicated external and internal coaches, senior and mid-level executives within organisations are now required to master this approach and contribute to the development of a corporate coaching culture.
Presented in partnership with Progress-U, a leading executive coaching company, SMU Executive Development (SMU-ExD) offers a comprehensive perspective on practical coaching in Asia, as well as developing the personal skills, integrity, ethical behaviour and intuition needed for effective coaching. 

Structure of the Programme 

The International Corporate Coaching (ICC) programme consists of four modules.  Each module comprises the following:
  • One two-day interactive workshop (max.12 participants per workshop)
  • * Maximum 30 participants for Module 1a only
  • Two 90-minute tele-classes
  • Four 90-minute peer coaching sessions
  • One book reading assignment
  • One 120-minute 'deep dive' session into a specific coaching related topic based on latest research provided by SMU-ExD
Two faculty members, both highly experienced executive coaches, are dedicated to all four modules and are available to provide continuous support.

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate executives who would like to develop their corporate coaching skills
  • HR executives and consultants who wish to add corporate coaching to their portfolio of services provided to clients
  • Individuals who want to start the journey to become internationally certified corporate coaches
  • Coaches who have not completed enough coach training hours and/or coaching hours to become certified
Participants may wish to complete all four modules or a selection of modules, depending on their current level of coach training and their desired outcome.

Why Should You Attend? 

The ICC programme is the most comprehensive and highest level corporate coach development programme in Asia for the following reasons:
  • It combines the expertise of a regional executive coaching company,Progress-U, with the academic and business knowledge of a highly reputable Asia business school,SMU.
  • Class sizes are small,with a maximum of 12 participants, allowing for extensive direct interaction with the facilitators.
  • Designed and developed in Asia, all case studies and role plays are based on real coaching situations in the region while adopting the latest global ideas and approaches.
  • It is the only coach certification programme in Asia that is both Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) Level 1 accredited and Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) approved with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  At the end of the programme, participants will receive:
  • SMU/Progress-U International Corporate Coaching ('ICC') certificate
  • Registered Corporate Coach ('RCC') certificate with WABC
Participants will also have access to additional resources and support from Progress-U as they advance towards their Associate Certified Coach ('ACC') certification with the ICF.

Programme Structure


Complimentary Preview Sessions

Join our complimentary preview session (90mins) on International Corporate Coaching to help you better understand what the programme offers, and more importantly, how it can propel and support your journey towards becoming an internationally certified coach. 
ICC Preview Dates
JAN 2018 - FEB 2018


Tue, 16th Jan

Wed, 28th Feb






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