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Global Supply Chain Management Programme

Course Info

The primary role of supply chain management is increasingly complex, as a result of greater customer sophistication, increasing network fragmentation and the need for greater co-ordination of material, information and cash flows. Simultaneously, increasing amounts of data availability and processing power present opportunities for supply chain design and refinement. Where once supply chains were viewed as tactical, recent research suggests that supply chains are starting to redefine both product design and production technology, and can be sources of competitive advantage. 

To address this, SMU’s Executive Development has developed the Global Supply Chain Management programme.


Why should you attend? 

Led by SMU Professor Shantanu Bhattacharya, this programme will will guide participants through the complexity and uncertainty of the modern supply network and the operational experiences of Asia, and explore the development of supply network resilience. In addition to a heightened appreciation of value within the network, the differentiated solutions they offer incorporate sustainability and the holistic alignment of core processes.

Understanding and balancing the trade-offs when designing and managing international supply chains is complex. As such, they will lead discussions on the future of East-West interdependence in global supply chain networks as trade-balances, currencies and R&D hubs shift.

It includes a realistic simulation of a global and international cost-effective, resource sensitive, and flexible supply chain.


What will you gain?

  • Explore innovative strategies needed for solution differentiation
  • Receive practical guidance in the maximisation of value creation together with the balancing of efficiency, flexibility and risk needed in a sound global supply chain
  • Leverage big-data analytics to enable your global supply chain to support your corporation’s competitive advantage  
  • Understanding key implications for supply chain management of major trends such as pressures of sustainability and rebalancing of trade-flows
  • Discuss and learn from issues with global thought leaders in supply chain management


Who should attend?

Mid-career and senior industry executives with 5-12 years industry experience from product and service-oriented multinationals, supply chain partners like distribution firms, and consultancies who are currently managing global and Asian supply-chain operations. Typical job titles might be: regional logistics manager, (regional) supply chain manager, planning manager, business development manager, solutions manager, supply chain analyst.

Singaporeans who are planning to enrol in or are successfully enrolled in this course should concurrently apply for the SkillsFuture Study Awards for Internationalisation. Recipients of the Study Award may receive a monetary award of $5,000 to defray the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the course. 


** For more information on IE Singapore SkillsFuture Study Award for International Business, click here.