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Corruption in Asian Business

Programme Information

About the Programme

Corruption stifles economic growth, distorts competition and presents serious legal and reputational risks. It represents a major threat to the rule of law, sustainable development and drives away investors by increasing costs for companies, and further down the chain, customers. Corruption, in all facets, undermines good governance and market morality. 
The SMU executive development programme on corruption attempts to help businesses and government to understand the manner in which corruption manifests in market frameworks; the means and methods for preventing corruption from arising and how to control its spread when corruption has become a feature of certain business relationships. This ‘realist’ programme will instruct participants how to manage and eradicate the destructive market and social consequences and costs of corruption as business.


Who Should Attend

This programme will be attractive to business enterprises, government agencies, regional organisations, and intermediaries involved in facilitating transnational commerce throughout Asia such as:
  • Professional service providers such as legal and accounting firms, financial advisors, industry consultants, risk evaluators etc. who want accreditation in corruption prevention and control, in order to better tailor the facilities they can offer clients;
  • Senior personnel responsible for planning and implementing risk prevention, corruption prevention and control, and anti-corruption training portfolios.


Programme Highlights

The programme has two stages. A series of interactive case studies will be offered between those stages for participants to workshop through IT-based educational platforms.