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Advanced Negotiation Strategies

Programme Information

About the Programme

Recent research highlights the challenges faced by today’s executives as they negotiate across industry and cultural boundaries. Negotiation is a core competency for all professionals who are expected to continuously improve their performance and increase the efficiency of their organisations. Professional success, therefore, arises from one’s ability to negotiate, influence others, and create mutual value. This negotiation task, however, is neither simple nor easy in a world that is full of multiple demands and conflicting interests.

This interactive programme is a well-balanced blend of theory and practice. It is designed primarily to sharpen your negotiation and persuasion skills. The advanced simulations that are included in this programme will introduce you to the complexity and demands of multi-party and team negotiations.


Why you should attend?

  •  Refresh essential negotiation skills such as creating value
  •  Learn advanced value-creating negotiation skills that will enable you to produce superior outcomes
  •  Learn how to manage and value risks by using contingent contracts, for example.



What will you gain?

By the end of the programme your key takeaways will include the following.
  •  A refreshed set of essential skills that is applicable to nearly all negotiations.
  •  Know how to use solid negotiation frameworks and principles
  •  Understand the power of coalitional dynamics
  •  Learn how to negotiate in teams and overcome team challenges
  •  Identify your negotiation style
  •  Learn how to avoid decision biases
  •  Learn how to negotiate with counterparts who have different negotiation styles
  •  Know how to build an organisational negotiation ecosystem

Who should attend?

Executives to senior managers of any industry involved in the negotiation process both internally and externally, and would like to advance their negotiation ability further.
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