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Past news & events


Find your Voice as a Leader

By Paul Larsen
28 February 2017, 9.30am–10.30am
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Future Ready Forum 

20–21 February 2017


The Executive Development Office in Singapore Management University designed the Future Ready Forum to allow busy executives to personalise their learning journey with a multi-disciplinary approach that provides broad and in-depth practical exploration. Participants can select topics that best addresses their learning objectives and the business challenges they face in their organisation.


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Opportunities and Threats for the Future Workforce

By Mr Patrick Tay Teck Guan
20 February 2017, 8.45am–9.30am
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Demystifying the Board

Moderator: Katharina Lange
25 January 2017, Wednesday
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How Singapore Will Benefit from the Changing U.S. Trade Policy

By Jagdish Sheth
20 January 2017, Friday
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Increasing Managerial Capability for Major Manufacturing &

Infrastructure Projects

By Goh Chee Kiong
22 November 2016, Tuesday
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Leadership Presence: What It Is, and What It Isn’t! (Webinar)

By Achim Nowak
10 November 2016, Thursday
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Presidential Distinguished Lecturer Series -

Psychological Well-being for Public Policy

By Professor Ed Diener
27 October 2016, Thursday
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Manage Your Corporate Stakeholders in Smart Strategic Ways

By Dr. Tomas Klvana
29 September 2016, 8.30am–10.30am
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[Partner’s Initiatives] The Future of Work

By AustCham Singapore
30 August 2016, 7.30am–9.30am
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WISER Masterclass: Charisma

By Eric Feng
18 August 2016, 5.30pm–8.00pm
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Winning Business Performance in Asia Masterclass: 

Leading Enhanced Top-Line Growth in ASEAN 

By Les Buckley
16 August 2016, 5.30pm–8.00pm
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ASEAN Summit 2016

By Channel NewsAsia
4 August 2016
Strengthening ASEAN SMEs

In an interview with Channel NewAsia, Executive Director of SMU Executive Development Dr Stephen Wyatt shared his views on the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the implications on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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“Integrated innovation with your partners in the supply chain”

Global Supply Chain Masterclass

By Shantanu Bhattacharya
14 July 2016
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Purpose & Profit? – Leading a Purposeful Enterprise

By Steve Wyatt
8 July 2016
This is a Closed Door Event.


The Ortho-SMU Summit: The CEO Agenda On Patient Centricity

By Invitation Only
7-8 July 2016
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Got Your Attention (Webinar)

By Sam Horn
21 June 2016, Tuesday
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What it Means to Lead and Succeed in ASEAN

Exclusive Preview
2 June 2016, Thursday
The findings are being released as a white paper titled: Leading in ASEAN. This is an exclusive breakfast event for a preview of the findings and to discuss what leadership in ASEAN looks like. 
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Masterclass: Business Data Analysis and Cybersecurity: Opportunities & Threats in the Use of Cyber Data in Todays’ World

(In partnership with Association of Dutch Business People)
25 May 2016, Wednesday

Learn about how data analytics are used creatively to achieve competitive advantage in several business examples and how Interpol is working with the international business community to protect these activities against cybercrime. Two leading experts. Michelle Cheong and Timo Kansil,  talk from their respective angle and expertise on the subject of the use of data analysis and cyber security.


Ms. Michelle Cheong, Associate Professor of Information Systems at SMU

Mr. Timo Kansil, Dutch Ministry of Justice [-], Interpol Singapore


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Leveraging social media for leadership success (Webinar)

23 May 2016
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Influence (MasterClass)

14 April 2016
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SMU ExD Workshop - Superbosses: Becoming Exceptional Leaders

31 March 2016
For SMU ExD alumni who are interested to attend, may write to Winston at


This is Not the Career I Ordered (Webinar)

22 March 2016
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Future Ready Forum 

1617 March 2016
If you missed out on Future Ready Forum, here is the post media release - Click HERE


Many companies in the US are leading the field with new systems to evaluate staff performance and this trend is gaining traction in Asia. But how well can performance without ratings be adopted in this region?

Fermin Diez, Adjunct Professor at SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business and human capital expert, shared his views at the recent Future Ready Forum 2016. - Click HERE



Speech by Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance, at the Asia Pacific Energy and Infrastructure Finance Forum 2016

3 March 2016
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How to Stand Out (Webinar)

11 February 2016
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Breakfast Event: Transforming Performance

29 January 2016
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Corporate Storytelling (MasterClass)

21 January 2016
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Why is Infrastructure Development Still Behind?

16 December 2015
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Breakfast Event: Transforming Performance

1 October 2015
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Future Ready Forum

Delivering the Latest in Management Thinking and Business Trends

17-19 March 2015


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