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Executive Skills for Board Members in Challenging Times

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Executive Skills for Board Members in Challenging Times


Directors today play a vital leadership role. A Director’s activities can be diverse, including oversight of the firm, performance reviews, budget and salary approval, managing relations with a growing stakeholder base, and playing a role in the M&A process. Today, directors must also consider a host of emerging challenges that impact the firm and its customers. Sustainability, globalisation, and evolving business models in response to digital technologies are just a few of the challenges.

In partnership with the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), this unique six-module directorship programme provides a 360-degree board-level view of key strategic areas and issues faced by company directors.

Why should you attend?

This programme offers an ideal opportunity to strengthen your understanding of the director’s role and how to serve the firm more effectively. The intimate class size fosters interactions between current and new board members, faculty and leading practitioners in various fields. In addition, the modular design which can be taken non-sequentially gives you great flexibility. Participants who complete Modules 1, 2 and 3 will be awarded the Executive Certificate in Directorship. Upon successful completion of all six modules, participants will be awarded an Executive Diploma in Directorship.
The modules in this programme are:
  • Module 1: The Role of Directors: Duties, Responsibilities and Legal Obligations
  • Module 2: Assessing Strategic Performance: The Board Level View
  • Module 3: Finance for Directors
  • Module 4: Risk and Crisis Management
  • Module 5: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Investor Relations
  • Module 6: Effective Succession Planning and Compensation Decisions

What will you gain?

By the end of the programme your key takeaways will include the following.
  • Increased understanding of the role of company directors
  • Practical frameworks and strategies to effectively manage the critical issues around risk management, CSR, C-level succession planning and compensation, and more
  • Overview and development of key frameworks for legal issues and prudent strategies to help boards navigate in today's litigious environment
  • Soft skills development for managing relations and challenging discussions between board members.


SMU-SID Directorship Programme Structure

*Modules can be taken non-sequentially.

Who Should attend: 

Who should attend?

The programme is designed for directors, senior executives or aspiring directors.

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Winston Liew

Business Development Manager

SMU Executive Development


Tel: +65 6808 5393



Module 1
Date: 7 Mar to 9 Mar, 2018
Date: 4 Jul to 6 Jul, 2018
Module 2
Date: 1 Nov to 3 Nov, 2017
Date: 4 Apr to 6 Apr, 2018
Date: 1 Aug to 3 Aug, 2018
Module 3
Date: 22 Nov to 24 Nov, 2017
Date: 23 May to 25 May, 2018
Date: 5 Sep to 7 Sep, 2018
Module 4
Date: 17 Aug to 18 Aug, 2017
Module 5
Date: 3 May to 4 May, 2018
Date: 1 Nov to 2 Nov, 2018
Module 6
Date: 13 Sep to 14 Sep, 2017
Date: 29 Nov to 30 Nov, 2018
For Modules 1-3
Fees *: SID members: SGD2,800 per module or SGD8,000 for all 3 modules | Non-SID members: SGD3,200 per module or SGD9,200 for all 3 modules
Duration: 3 days
Venue: Singapore Management University
For Modules 4-6
Fees *: SID members: SGD2,000 per module or SGD5,800 for all 3 modules | Non-SID members: SGD2,400 per module or SGD7,000 for all 3 modules
Duration: 2 days
Venue: Singapore Management University

*Fee is subject to change. GST applies to individuals and Singapore-registered companies.

*SkillsFuture Credit can be used for this programme.
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Eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above.