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EXCEL Leadership Programme

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EXCEL Leadership Programme


21st century leaders need to be authentic, adaptable, inspiring, and forward-looking if they want to deliver business results. They are expected to lead with impact and influence while engaging with their internal and external stakeholders.


Successful leaders also face numerous challenges when asked to accept broader levels of organisational responsibility. These challenges include working with an increased scope of knowledge, collaborating across functions without formal authority, and aligning numerous stakeholders with the business strategy while learning how to be adaptable, communicating to inspire, and embracing the power of positive workplace politics. 


To prepare aspiring leaders for these critical challenges and more, this five-day programme aims to further develop your capabilities around strategic, operational, and human resource aspects of the organisation. It will also build your leadership communication abilities. 

The programme begins with an in-depth look at your leadership capacities and then challenges you to think about the findings within the context of business strategy, financial performance, cross-functional business issues, human capital requirements, and macro-trends.

This programme also covers aspects of organisational politics and how leaders can embrace politics to get things done. Organisational innovation and transformation 
is a theme that cuts across strategy through to operations. Aspects of human capital and personal leadership are then woven into the programme as a foundational principle impacting all facets of business. We focus on leadership communication - a critical skill that cannot be outsourced to others.

An integral part of the EXCEL Leadership programme to empower your development is the use of Executive Coaching. It starts by building knowledge about yourself by taking the HOGAN Assessment in advance of the programme, which is then followed by 3 sessions of one hour each with a qualified Executive Coach. The first session will take place during the
5 day program, whereas the two follow-up sessions may be scheduled at your own convenience in the months following. 


Why should you attend?

Attending this programme enables you to:
  •  Build a platform on which your career can advance
  •  Learn about strategy, innovation, value creation, cross-functional collaboration, organisational politics, and leadership
  •  Understand what it takes to lead through inspiring communication
  •  Spend your time in an interactive classroom, discussing regional and global case studies, scenario planning, and learning with leading faculty and corporate executives
  •  Advance your own personal leadership through personal coaching
  •  Grow your own network of aspiring business leaders and join the SMU Executive Development Alumni.


What will you gain?

By the end of the programme your key takeaways will include the following.
  •  A more holistic mindset that encourages boundary-spanning both inside and out of the organisation
  •  A set of deeper insights into strategy, innovation, financial performance, human capital, and value creation and an attitude of positive politics
  •  Better insight into the leadership challenges that come with career growth and senior leadership positions
  •  A toolkit of leadership communication skills
  •  Personal insights into your unique brand of leadership and how you can get forward to achieving your career aspirations.


Who Should attend: 

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for senior functional or technical managers who are about to make the transition to head of a function or general management, or recently appointed directors and general managers.
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Winston Liew

Business Development Manager

SMU Executive Development


Tel: +65 6808 5393



Run 1
Date: 15 May to 19 May, 2017
Run 2
Date: 6 Nov to 10 Nov, 2017
Fees *: SGD 10,000 (excluding GST)
Duration: 5 days
Venue: Singapore Management University

*Fee is subject to change. GST applies to individuals and Singapore-registered companies.

*SkillsFuture Credit can be used for this programme.
Please click here for more details. 
Eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above.