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Using Technology Skilfully to Experience and Prepare for a Digital Future
Every learner is different. Every organisation faces different challenges. And all changes continuously. At SMU-ExD, we equip our learners with the agility needed to manage and lead their areas of responsibility more skilfully. We apply the same agility to design and deliver your learning experience.
The components and facets of each learning journey are systematically adjusted to match your learning needs. Technology enables us to curate bespoke learning journeys with unprecedented granularity. Capability assessments before and after learning interventions track learning progress on an individual level.
Mobile learning platforms allow content to be understood before meeting in class, leaving valuable classroom time for guided application and empowerment. Various virtual learning platforms complement the learning journey. Most importantly, observable behaviour change creates the desired organisational impact. Through technology, we have new means to measure.



Our unique and impactful three-step pedagogy of “Knowledge - Application -Empowerment” is designed to support behavioural change that leads to better performance, and enhanced business results. We measure and track both programme effectiveness and the resulting performance improvements; refining content, approach and participant engagement to optimise ROI.