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Your Ability to Lead the Company of the Future Matters to Us

Technological change impacts us everyday and its pace keeps accelerating. The need for constant and ongoing organisational transformation adds another dimension of challenges for leaders.

The first step to succeeding in a rapidly evolving employment landscape is to champion continuous learning and to develop internal capabilities.


Global Leadership

A Catalyst to Create
Meaningful Societal Impact

Resilient Leadership

Future Skills

Singapore is the global role model for lifelong learning. Situated in the heart of Asia's fast-rising economies, Singapore Management University, known for its innovative curriculum and teaching excellence, blends Western ideas with Asian traditions.
We strive to produce leaders who are motivated to create strong and sustainable societal impact within their sphere of influence. Our programmes address the need for raising socially responsible leaders.
The ongoing rapid evolution of the business environment requires the constant updating of core capabilities to solve complex problems.
We translate the knowledge generated by global thought leaders into applicable lessons for executives to sustain competitive advantage for corporations or future individual employability.